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How Much Does a 1 pound Lobster Cost?




How Much Does a One Pound Florida Lobster Cost?


In my case, the answer is $250.00. Now, don’t panic, the price of Florida Lobster has not risen to the insane level of $250.00 per pound. I said cost, not price, and there is a huge difference. Every year I make the trek with my family to the Florida Keys at the opening of Florida Lobster Season for a little fun in the sun out on the water and of course to catch some lobster. Lobster is one of my favorite seafoods; oh who am I kidding, I love all seafood! It is fun, but not relaxing and after two solid days of searching for and catching the tasty critters, I was ready for a vacation so I could recover from my vacation.


Recreational lobstering is not like commercial lobstering with traps. Recreational lobstering requires getting in the water, finding them and then catching the elusive and crafty little buggers; and they are certainly crafty. The rules are that you can only catch them by hand, or with a net and you may not pierce their shells in the apprehension, so no hooking, gigging or spearing. Did you know that Florida lobsters are able to reach near light speeds underwater, albeit only in a backwards direction? Did you know that they are able to turn around in a split second and head in a very unexpected direction (at near light speed) before you even know what happened? Did you know that Florida Lobsters are able to escape from a net designed to catch lobster quite easily, Houdini-like in fact? Last but not least, did you know that lobsters can latch onto your face and rip your mask off all while digging their sharp little claws into your skin? While I did not witness it, as I was the recipient of the lobster’s affection, I can only imagine it looked like the creature things that attached themselves to the space travelers faces in the movie Alien. Unfortunately, Sigourney Weaver was not there to rescue me. I guess that is what I get for blocking his escape route with my face.


Do not get me wrong, I had a great time with family and friends and we did indeed catch some lobster, but it was not really what I would call a vacation; more of an adventure. Every year when I get back from this little lobster-catching quest, I always get a few friends that ask if I can spare a few lobster. I always laugh and show them a picture of the giant pan of broiled lobster tails without further explanation. So then, I began thinking, which is always a dangerous thing for me, what was the cost of those succulent sea creatures. I added up the trip expenses and divided by the number of lobster we caught and boom! $250.00 per lobster! I shouldn’t have done that. So will I be going back next year? Yes of course, I have some revenge to enact upon those alien-like sea creatures!

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