Insurance Brokers | Marine | Florida

List of Brokers / Agents that provide Marine Insurance.


Burkard Yacht Sales does not recommend any company/broker over another.  Please consult your local telephone directory or Internet Search Engine for additional maritime insurance agents.


Important Note: Due to a limited number of companies offering marine insurance in Florida, please choose one  agent and allow him/her to obtain quotes. Each insurance company will give the same quote to any broker; however, after a quote has been given on a particular vessel, all other requests for quotes for that vessel will be "blocked." After you receive quotes, you may then move onto another agent, as he may have other companies he can research. Please tell him you have already received quotes; he may wish to know the names of the agents in order to not duplicate requests.

Michael Abbott, Sr. Marine Underwriter

Global Marine Insurance Agency

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Cell:  954-288-5801

Fax:  231-947-4407



Joshua Giordano

Global Marine Insurance Agency

SW Florida

Cell:  239-227-8966

Fax:  231-346-6165




Brent Hoedeman

Brown & Brown Insurance Naples

Naples, FL

Office:  239-213-2010

Home:  239-213-2032


Dave Kenny, Vice President

Celedinas Insurance Group

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Cell:      772-263-1272

Office:  561-578-6532

Fax:      561-514-5679


William Porter, Account Manager

Kolisch Marine Insurance

Coral Gables, FL

Office:  888-666-2250

Cell:      954-568-7807



Jake C. Tracht

The Olde Naples Insurance Company

Naples, FL

Office:  239-529-6496

Cell:      228-860-0636

Fax:      239-529-6498