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Albury 33 Running Shot

Burkard Yacht Sales is Proud to Represent Albury Brothers Boats in Southwest Florida

Excerpts from the Albury Brothers Boats Brochure:

"The Albury family has been building boats in Man O'War Cay, Abaco, for many generations, including their famous smacks, sloops and schooners."


​"Due to demand, in 2003, the Albury family partnered to produce Albury Brothers Boats in the U.S., with the same Abaco-built quality. All materials and construction are under supervision and control of the Albury family. Since 2003, the team in Riviera Beach, Florida has built hundreds of quality boats."

"Albury Brothers Boats are built to last and provide solid confidence when the sea kicks up. Our boats are quite heavy in the bottom and get progressively lighter above the waterline, resulting in a craft of moderate weight for its size. The bottom laminate is nearly one

inch thick, hand laid, solid glass. This heavy 24 ounce woven roving absorbs impact energy and creates the mass required to punch through waves."


​"Big top-hat stringers are made of the same material, then fully glassed into the hull from stem to transom, chine to keel, and filled with foam.  The hull remains in the under vacuum, to ensure its shape. Above the waterline, a gradual shift in the lamination schedule takes place; from heavy woven rove to cross-linked composite core and 17 ounce bi-axial glass. Strength is maintained while weight is reduced, resulting in a stable, well balanced vessel light in the ends, with a low center of gravity."


"All Albury Brothers Boats are 3-piece construction. The inner-liner is vacuumed to the hull and stringers, creating a void-free, fully bonded structure. The deck and console are mechanically and chemically bonded to this structure. We attach the hard or T-top to the console, providing you more room with less to trip over. We also do our best to get rid of the stuff that corrodes, deteriorates, loosens, breaks and require maintenance."


Besides the fantastic ride, Albury Boats are clean, simple, strong and timeless. That's why our boats hold their value...that's why many folks own more than one...and that's why Albury owners keep their boats year after year."


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